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Your Medical illustrations &
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Why choose Pixma Premedia?

We connect ART with SCIENCE

Our medical imaging starts from simple line art drawings to highly complex structures for various medical needs. We will provide images which are copyrighted and owned by the buyers with a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed. Each image will be created fresh oriented on the specific needs of each client. We prepare customized images like black and white vector art, color vector art and complex images with different levels of shading and colors.


What you can expect from us.

  • Personal approach to your specific requirements and instructions
  • Choice of over 30 illustration styles

  • All rights (Copyright) held by the client

  • Service from skilled medical illustrators

  • creative illustrators

  • Money back guarantee and Unlimited changes for customer satisfaction

  • Discounted Price for bulk orders


3D medical illustration is a branch of medical visualization that uses three-dimensional (3D) graphics to communicate information about the human body and its functions to medical professionals and the public. 3D medical illustrations are used to help patients understand complex medical procedures, to provide medical students with a better understanding of human anatomy, and to help medical professionals communicate with one another.
When we think of the human body, we often think of organs like the heart, kidneys and lungs. But the human body is much more than just those internal organs. We are complex systems of tissues and organs that interact to keep us healthy and alive. Our skin, muscles, bones and nerves all play key roles in keeping us healthy.
Pixma premedia produce high quality medical illustration service for doctors, researchers, and medical students. Our skilled designers build illustrations from scratch or amend current content to create customized visuals to your specifications. We can also combine multiple illustrations to create one large image, if required.

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Spoke to many people to meet this requirement and that was annoying, this seller got it quicker and execution was seamless, will recommend
hopefully we can work in the future.

Samuel Murombe

Client in Fiverr community.

It was great working with Pixma. The delivery was fast and high quality, everything exactly how I requested. Thank you very much for your excellent work

Steve John

Client in Fiverr community.

Pixma is great to work with and their focus is definitely customer service and satisfaction
Incredible. Simply – INCREDIBLE! Will do business again FOR SURE! God bless you!

JMaison Defilou

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